How to Download YouTube Playlist using IDM

How to Download YouTube Playlist using IDM

It is not easy to download the whole playlist of YouTube by single download. So, we need a way that we download complete playlist at a single click. It is very useful students that thy need tutorials and they learn from YouTube tutorials. So, there is a way which I prefer you and which is the best way to download YouTube playlist using Internet Download Manager.

Download IDM

If you want to download latest Internet Download Manager, then click here. And download latest internet download manager. The most recent version of IDM is preferable to download YouTube Playlist.

So, let’s start!

  • URL of YouTube Playlist

First of all, you need URL of your playlist which you want to download. Open first video of playlist and copy link which is given up in the browser.


  • Use YouTube Multi Downloader
    1. Open YouTube Multi Download in your Browser which link is
    2. Click Playlist which is a button on left top of the website.


  • Retrieve Links of Videos
    1. In the playlist, text box pastes the link of YouTube playlist.
    2. It automatically retrieves links of all video which is given in the playlist. It is very useful tool.
    3. By default, it retrieves HD resolution first, but you can select your resolution of the video if you want.
    4. In link text box it will give you all videos download links. Press Ctrl+A to select all link and copy it.


  • Save all link in Text Document File
    1. Create a text document file where you want.
    2. Paste all links in that file and save it.


  • Open IDM
    1. Open IDM.
    2. Click File>Import>From Test File.


                             3. Select your file where links are saved.

                             4. Finally, click Open.


  • Select Your Files to Download
    1. Wait a little bit until IDM retrieve all videos data.
    2. After That Select Check All Button.
    3. If you want to download all file into a separate folder, then click All files to one directory, then select your location to download and click ok.
    4. After all that click OK.


  • Queues
    1. Queues are used when you are downloading multiple YouTube playlist at a single time. Then click the + button to make a new Queue. By default, it is main download queue.
    2. If you want to start the download now checked check box start queue processing.
    3. Finally, click OK.


  • Schedule Your Queue
    1. Click Queues in categories and then right click on Main Download Queue.
    2. Click schedule.

idm9                          3. If you want that downloading start automatically when you PC start then check box Start Downloading on IDM start. Otherwise click Files in queue above.


                         4. In number text box type your progressive download. By default, it is 4. It means that four downloading will be processed at a time.


  • Your Downloading is Ready!

Your YouTube playlist is now downloading your files. Four files are downloading now. After the data were completed download second will automatically be started by IDM. Enjoy!


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